DP / Operator

about Kacper

Kacper Skowron grew up running, biking, skiing, playing soccer in the Southern Polish mountains. “Round Face” a mean nick name given by his sister, would easily start tearing when watching a movie or loosing a chance to score a goal during PA class. At the age of 10 on his own he would undertake a 4 mile march to the ski lift with his skies and boots in his hands. Some magical powers (his mom) kidnaped him at the age of 16 and brought Kacper to Chicago. It was a big shock! English language was non existent so he developed the art of conversing with hands. For about 10 years he was interested in exploring everything so he jumped into math, religion, history, literature, psychology, sociology, ceramics, photography, and cinema until he found his calling, film and photography. Changing, exploring and creating the world through his lens is what he does now for a living.

Spending time with his amazing girlfriend and their two girls take the most of his free time. Cooking, creating, traveling, debating, learning, educating, sharing, loving, conscious and healthy living fills the little time that he has left. Since 2013 he has been living in Los Angeles and is truly loving it.