Kacper Skowron

Beverly Hills, CA. 90210 tel.773.909.2889

Professional Experience:

-WaBa Grill- Commercials- DP/Operator- Red Epic- Jan. 2017
-The Farmer & the Belle- Comedy- Dp/ Operator- Mini Alexa- Dec. 2016
-Country Thunder- Short Drama- DP/ Operator- Red Epic- Nov. 2016
-Dance Baby Dance- Dance Film- 2nd Unit DP/ Operator- Red Epic- Sep. 2016
-At Your Own Risk- Drama- 2nd Unit DP/ Operator- Sony A7sII- May 2016
-Tradycja Da Sie Lubic -Tv Film- DP/ Operator- C300- April 2016
-WaBa Grill- Commercial- DP/ Operator- Red Epic- March 2016
-Zenith Protocol- Action Feature- DP/Operator- Feb. and April 2016
-Blue Baffalo- Commercial- DP/Operator- Epic/ Ronin- Jen. 2016
-Lost & Found- Web Series- DP/Operator- C300, Oct.- Dec. 2015
-Valcorian- Short Sci-Fi— DP/Op & Underwater DP/Producer- Epic- Feb./March 2015
-Mr. Bunny- Short Drama- DP/Operator- Epic- October 2014
-Tropkillaz- Baby,Baby- MusicVideo- DP/Op/Producer-Epic-Sep. 2014
-The Sacred Eternal- TV Pilot Spiritual- DP/Op- Epic- July/Aug. 2014
-Petunia P.I.- TV Pilot- DP/Operator- Canon 5d3- March.2014
-Awaken- Feature- Operator-Red Epic- Jan./Feb. 2014
-Booked- Short- Dp/Operator- DSLR-June 2014
-Kanbeei Karlson- Work With Monsters- Music Video- 5D3- April 2014
-The Congregation- Feature- Dp/Operator- Black Magic- March 2014
-Petunia Private I- TV pilot- Dp/Operator- 5D3- March. 2014
-Role With It- Short- Dp/Operator- DSLR- Feb 2014
-Awaken- Feature- Operator-Red Epic- Jan./Feb. 2014
-Your Disco Needs You- Music Video- Dp/Operator-C300- Feb. 2014
-GSP Zone- Short- Dp/Operator- Canon c300- Nov. 2013
-Second Class Citizens- Feat Doc., Dp/Operator, July 2012-Feb. 2014
-Broken Innocence- Short- Dp/Operator- RedEpic- November 2013
-Kanbeei Karlson- MusicVideo- DP/Ope/Underwater- Epic-Nov. 2013
-Red Cape- Feature- Dp/Operator- Red Epic- September 2013
-Evi- Music Video- Underwater Operator- Red Epic/ 5D3- Sep. 2013
-Crowned- Web Series- Dp/Operator, February 2013
-Larry King- Interview- Dp/Operator, February 2013
-Shadow- Feature, Gaffer, February 2012
-Sox- Feature- Best Boy, Nov.-December 2012
-Meet the Cleavers- Feature- Best Boy, November 2012
-Justin Bieber- Believe Concert Film- Gaffer, September 2012
-Newlyweds- TV show-Bravo- Camera Operator, July 2012
-K-Town- Web Series, Operator, Sony HDW-F900 July 2012
-Pill Girl- Short, Director/Dp/Writer/Producer, Dec. 2011- April 2012
-Alex Writes a book- Short, DP/ Director, December 2011
-Harmony- Short, DP- October 2011
-Canvas Heroes- commercial DP/ Director, September 2011
-4 weddings- TV series- Camera Operator, May-September 2011
-The Boss- TV series- Electrical Dep., August-September 2011
-The Playboy Club- TV series- Electrical Dep. August-Sep. 2011
-Superman- Feature, Electrical Dep., August 2011
-Awakening- Short Fashion Film- DP/Director, June 2011
-Help Me Please- Short, DP- July 2010
-Holliday Sears Commercials- for web- DP- October 2009
-Trans Alaska 2009- Feature Documentary, DP/Director- July 2009
-Fifth Year Seniors- DP- Web Series- May 2009
-Oprah Winfrey Show- Tv show, Camera operator March 2009
-Demolition TV show- Discovery Channel, DP/operator Dec. 2008
-Aveena- commercial, Best Boy, January 2009
-McDonald- commercial November-December 2008
-Between the Suns- DP -short film November 2008
-I Magick- short, DP,June 2008
-National Bank- Commercial, DP, February 2008
-Myra- short, DP, February 2008
-Soko Fashion- commercial, DP, 2008
-Animal- short, DP, 2007
-Lament- Music Video,Village Warsaw Band, DP/Director, 2007

Skill Highlights:

– Familiar with: Arri Alexa, Red, DSLR’s, Sony F55& 5, EX3, Cannon,
C 500,300 & 100, Black Magic, Panasonic AJ-PX 800, 170, HVX 200, & more.
– Panavision Gold Series, Arriflex M/S/BL/35IIC/35III/16SRII, ECLAIR NPR,
AATON XTR Prod, etc…
– HMI’s, Hot lights, Kenos Flows, LED’s, practicals and strobe lights, etc..
– Polish/ Spanish.


Columbia College Chicago, May 2007
Film Department- Cinematography Concentration- Honors