Alexa Mini ($700 per day or $2100 for week)

-Arri Alexa Mini + Arri Mini EVF
-Titanium PL Mount or Canon EF Mount (or both)
-ARRIRAW License + 4:3 Anamorphic License (additional)
-4 x 128GB CFast 2.0 Cards + CFast Card Reader
-4 x V-Lock Batteries & 4-Way IDX Charger

Red Epic Dragon ($550 per day or $1650 for week)

-PL or EF lens mount
-Mini-Mag system faster shooting 4x 512 GB cards
-7″ Red Touch LCD
-many extras

Red Epic X ($400 per day or $1200 for week)

-PL or EF Mount
-RED Touch 5.0” LCD with Cable and Arm
-Bomb EVF
-3x Red Mag 1.8” SSD 128GB Media Cards
-Many extras

Sprinter Van Grip/ Electric ($700 per day, $2100 for week)

-800 Joker Bug
-1.2 LTM Par HMI
-4x kino flows
-Full tungsten package
-Extensive Grip package for a feature
-4×4 frames, 6×6 frame, 8×8 frame